Radiology – Research


Ongoing Research

1) Title:

  • Prevalence and risk factors of asymptomatic gall stone disease found in ultrasonogram (USG) in the southern urban part of TamilNadu.


  • Dr. S. Saraswathi. MD (RD) / Senior Resident

Aims an subjets:

  • To find out the prevalence of gall stone in asymptomatic urban population, using ultrasonogram.
  • To identify and study the relationship of various risk factors with gall stone disease.
  • Correlate the risk factors for asymptomatic gall stone disease like family history, diet, life style and hip waist ratio.

2) Title:

  • Utility of MR Urogram vs conventional CT in assessment of obstructive uropathy .


  • Dharan Venkatesh MD (RD) / Senior Resident, Dept.of. Radiodiagnosis
  • S. Saraswathi. MD (RD) / Senior Resident, Dept.of. Radiodiagnosis

3) Title:

  • A Radiological study of the temporal bone in chronic otitis-media.
  • Accuracy of ultrasonogram in acute and chronic abdominal conditions.
  • Accuracy of transverse cerebellar diameter measurement by ultrasonography in the evaluation of fetal age.


  • Dr. V. Tamilarasan. MD (RD) / Assistant Professor, Dept.of. Radiodiagnosis


  1. Status of the uncinate process in patients with sinusitis in a south Indian population – CT scan assisted anatomical and clinical study.

Dr. Gnanavelraja C, Dr. Senthilnathan .V, Dr. Vijayakumar.M, Dr. Rajajeyakumar. M, Dr. Thirumalai Kolundu Subramaniyam.

  1. Anatomical variations in the superior attachment of unicinate process and its association with frontal sinusitis.

Dr. Gnanavelraja C, Senthilnathan .V, Vijayakumar.M, Ramesh M,

Dr. Rajajeyakumar. M, Dr. Thirumalai Kolundu Subramaniyam, Dr.  Ismail. M

  1. A computerized tomographic study of height of ethmoidal skull base.

Dr. Vinay Kumar. N, Gugapriya. TS, Dr. Guru. T. Arun, Dr.  Nalinakumari SD

  1. Experience of syphilitic aortic aneurysm – a case report

Dr. Deivam. S, Dr. Guru. T. Arun,  Dr. Prabhu. N, Dr. Balasubramanian. N


  1. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy – A case report

Dr. Guru. T. Arun, Dr. Deivam. S, Dr. Prabhu. N

  1. A case study: Behavioural symptoms of HIV encephalopathy

Dr. Guru. T. Arun,  Dr. Deivam. S and Dr.  Prabhu. N

  1. Maxillary sinus septation: A radiology study
  2. Ilavenil, Dr. Guru. T. Arun, Dr. Gugapriya. TS, Dr. Nalinakumari SD
  3. Positional variation of optic nerve in relation to sphenoid sinuses and its association with pneumatisation of anterior clinoid process: A Radiological study

Dr. R. Santhanalakshmi, Dr. T.S. Gugapriya, N. Vinay Kumar, Dr. Guru. T. Arun

  1. Infantile congenital syphilis – A rare case report

Dr. Guru. T. Arun, Dr. Deivam, Dr. Prabhu. N, Dr. Vallinayaki. V

  1. Dyke – Davidoff – Masson Syndrome – A case report

Dr. N. Vinay Kumar, Dr. T.S. Gugapriya, Dr. Guru. T. Arun, Dr. Nalinakumari SD


  1. An anatomo – Imagistic study of intersphenoidal sinus septum

Dr. T.S. Gugapriya, Dr. N. Vinay Kumar, Dr. Guru. T. Arun, Dr. Nalinakumari SD

  1. Evaluation of breast disease by triple test, with advantages of Ultrasonogram over mammogram

Dr. J. Abirami Kirthiga, Dr. K. Prasanna


  1. An Analysis of laterality in acute arterial stroke and its associations

Dr. Kumar Venkatesh, Dr. Guru. T. Arun, Dr. Gurudatta .S. Pawar, Dr. Ponnaiah Thirumalai Kolundu Subramaniyam.