About Us

        The pitter patter of tiny feet will usher you to the department of pediatrics, right next to the majestic idol of Lord Ganesha. Whether it is the first cry of a newborn piercing the air, happy toddlers getting their vaccine shots, a sick child or a sullen teenager, the department is conveniently built and well equipped for every need.

        The department has 3 pediatric ward units, NICU, post natal ward and PICU (no. of beds etc can be detailed). All units are equipped with state of the art equipment and instruments for round the clock monitoring. The department works with the primary goal of excellent patient care and satisfaction of the people using the services. Trained nursing and paramedical staff assist the doctors in achieving these goals. In addition to regular outpatient clinics, various specialty clinics are conducted on weekly basis to cater the needs of patients with long term illnesses.

        Another facet of the department is the robust academic aspect. To impart knowledge about the field of pediatrics, to create a spark of interest among the budding generation of doctors, the faculty constantly strives to deliver the lectures as per latest guidelines as well as bedside demonstrations.

Message from HOD

          Pediatric Department is a fully developed department with 3 Professors, 1 Associate Professor and 7 Assistant Professors with three functioning units. Outpatients are seen between 8.30AM to 5 PM and emergency patients are admitted 24 x 7 through casualty attended by duty Pediatrician. There is a separate fully equipped Pediatric intensive care unit with 5 beds and Neonatal care unit with 5 level three beds. All elective and emergency deliveries including LSCS are attended by trained Pediatricians on duty.

          Academic activities include training 150 undergraduate students daily in Pediatric and neonatal care and social Pediatrics. Regular symposium (weekly) monthly test, CME (once in a month) are conducted to appraise them of latest development in the field of Pediatrics and to create interest in Pediatrics separate speciality clinics in Pediatric Neurology, Cardiology, Hematology, Child guidance and child development clinic, Nutrition clinic, Asthma clinic, Adolescent clinic, genetic clinic, immunization clinic are conducted by specialized Assistant Professor for needy patients on fixed days of every week. The Department caters

          The Department caters with the needs of children from 4 districts namely Trichy, Karur, Perambalur and Ariyalur.