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Details Of Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Knowledge and awareness of cervical cancer, its prevention and attitude towards human papilloma virus vaccine among medical students. Dr. B. Jenitha.
  2. Effect of monotherapy for 2nd trimester MTP. Dr. D. Sujithra.
  3. A case control study of prevalence of altered sperm parameters in overweight and obese male patients attending fertility clinic at tertiary care Hospital, Dr. K.Gowthami.
  4. Outcome of meconium stained liquor in labour, Dr.Dheepthambiga,
  5. Role of intravenous fluid Tranexamic Acid in Prophylaxis in preventing post partum Hemorrhage in patients under going LSCS, Dr.S.Nithyapriya.
  6. HbA1c as a tool for diagnosing pre- eclampsia, Dr. D. Sujithra
  7. Study of association of Urinary Tract Infection with preterm labour, Dr.Dheepthambiga.
  8. Prospective study of analysis of rate and indication of caesrean section in tertiary care hospital, Dr. Banumathy.
  9. Comparison between conventional approach and Peyton’s four step approach in teaching antenatal examination for Final year Part I MBBS student-Dr Dhivya Sethuraman.
  10. Prospective study on Surgical Site Infections in both major obstetrics and gynaecological surgeries-Dr.Alaganandha
  11. Oral misoprostol for induction of labour –Dr.S.Nithyapriya