OBG -Infrastructure

Infrastructure of the Department


Our department comprises of OP services from 8AM to 4PM from Monday to Saturday and we run special clinics like cancer screening, infertility clinic, high risk pregnancy clinic, postnatal, menopausal and adolescent clinic on particular days from 2 to 4 PM. Apart from doctors, an ANM, FNA, family welfare counselor and a data entry operator are available during the OP hours. Pap smear are regularly done in our cancer clinics. Couples are being counseled apart from investigating them in our infertility clinics. Adolescent girls are taught about menstrual hygiene and awareness about pubertal health issues discussed in adolescent clinics. Our family welfare counselor gives counseling about the availability of both temporary and permanent contraceptive methods and the need of contraception.

Our department is equipped with an ultrasound machine which can be utilized 24*7. Our labour ward complex has separate labour rooms for low risk normal deliveries and separate labour room for septic cases. Near the labour room a cubicle for immediate postpartum cases is available and a separate cubicle is allocated for eclampsia cases. An obstetrician is available 24*7 to take care of the ward patients as well as to receive obstetric emergencies. Efficient Staff nurses are available round the clock to look after the patients. We also have a good neonatal setup equipped with all necessary instruments. A paediatrician is available 24*7 to take care of the neonates.

In inpatient services, we have 3 units, each unit having 30 beds including gynec and obs cases. A separate ICU is available for immediate post OP patients and gravely ill patients. The accommodation, food and basic medicines are available free of cost for the inpatients. Staff and patient ratio is 1:3 such that good care of the patient is ensured.




OG Department

Ground Floor

  • Obstetrics ICU
  • Chief OP Room
  • OP 1
  • OP 2
  • Sterility Clinic
  • Minor Procedure Room
  • Ultrasound Room
  • Review OP
  • Family Welfare Clinic
  • Cancer Detection Clinic
  • Students Demo Room
  • Health Educator Room
  • Labour Casualty/Preparation Room
  • Clean Labour Room 1
  • Clean Labour Room 2
  • Septic Labour Room
  • Eclampsia Room
  • Postpartum Recovery Room
  • Post caesarean Room
  • Postnatal Room
  • Minor Procedure Room
  • Clean Nursery Room
  • Baby Feed Room
  • Consultation Room
  • Medical Officer Room

First Floor

  • OG 1 Ward
  • OG 1 Treatment Room
  • OG 2 Ward
  • OG 2 Treatment Room
  • OG 3 Ward
  • OG 3 Treatment Room
  • HOD Room
  • Professor Room
  • Assistant Professor Room
  • JR Room
  • Resident Room
  • Duty Doctor Room
  • Library/Seminar Hall
  • Museum
  • Office Room
  • Demo Room
  • Pantry
  • Linen Room
  • Store Room