General medicine – Infrastructure

Infrastructure of the Department

Our department functions under 5 units, admitting patients in their male and female wards, totally constituting 150 beds. Patients are also visited by super specialists in addition to the speciality beds.  All wards are well equipped to take care of patients and also for timely interventions.   We provide all basic biochemical and pathological investigations at bedside in addition to electro cardiogram.  We have the Intensive Coronary Care Unit, Intensive Medical Care Unit and Intensive Respiratory Care Unit providing utmost care and complete patient monitoring.  The intensive care beds are equipped with multi parameter monitors, defibrillators, ventilators. Bedside ultrasonogram, roentgenogram and echo cardiogram are carried out round the clock. We have an excellent back up from the department of Nephrology and Dialysis Unit in providing 24×7 hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and plasmapheresis.  Our cardiac care unit also coordinates with us in providing all forms of coronary interventions like stenting, device closures, coronary artery bypass surgery, etc.  Endoscopies and related interventions are  being effectively managed by our Gastroenterology Department.