Dermatology – Achievements


Sl. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate(s)Funding SourcesLevel of programmeUniversity Credit points
1World AIDS day Observation 2010December 1st 2010ManagementRegional-
2World AIDS day Observation 2011December 1st 2011ManagementRegional-
3CME on DermatologyApril 4th 2012ManagementState-
4Third State conference of IADVLOctober 13th& 14th 2012IADVLState20 under category II
5World AIDS day Observation 2012December 1st 2012ManagementRegional-
6World AIDS day Observation 2013December 1st 2013ManagementRegional-
7CME on HIV CareJuly 22nd 2014NACO, SAATHI and TANSACSState10 under category II
8CME on Basics in DermatologySeptember 17th 2014ManagementState10 under category II
9World AIDS day Observation 2014December 1st 2014ManagementRegional-
10World AIDS day Observation 2015December 1st 2015ManagementRegional-
11World Psoriasis Day Observation 2015October 29th 2015ManagementRegional-
12World vitiligo day 2016June 25th 2016ManagementRegional-
13Dermazone South& Cuticon- TN 2016
October 7,8, 9 2016IADVL, Trichy Derma ClubZonal, state level
20 under Category II
14World Psoriasis Day Observation 2016October 29th 2016ManagementRegional-
15World AIDS dayDecember 1st 2016ManagementRegional-
16World Leprosy DayJanuary 30th 2017ManagementRegional-