Rural dermatological problems are bit different from urban areas. This department caters three different services (dermatology, venereology, leprology) under one umbrella. The faculty members not only conduct patient care services but also initiate preventive programs. We have a very good OPD and ward with facilities for isolating infective patients. We have an excellent side lab, well-trained technician, so that we do all the side lab procedures in dermatology, leprosy, venereology.

       We have adequate OP (more than 100 patients/ day) and IP strength (average 15- 20 patients) by which UGs and other department PGs are benefitted.


On behalf of our institution we are responsible for upgrading the academic level of all undergraduate students in the field of dermatology, venereology, leprology and to improve the therapeutic approach for the benefit of patients. We are planning to start PG courses and cosmetic dermatology courses, and skin bank.


  • To provide tertiary level good quality skin care
  • To establish a dermatology intensive care unit
  • To establish separate cosmetology units
  • To establish department of dermatopathology
  • To bring out publication of Medical Journal.
  • To start fellowship in Cosmetic-Dermatology
  • To start hair transplantation center
  • To start Pediatric Dermatology center
  • To start Occupational Dermatoses clinic
  • Involve undergraduate and postgraduate students in new research projects
  • To undertake community education oriented programs for the benefit of community- to create awareness about skin and venereal diseases/ AIDS and leprosy.


  • Faculties with more than decades of teaching experience
  • Well experienced lab technician with good skills to perform side- lab procedures
  • ICTC – with an efficient counsellor and trained lab technician.
  • Junior faculties to assist and take care of the patients.